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Music is our ultimate reference

Every piece of audio equipment is like a musician, or vocalist that reproduces music in different way. A good musician can bring audience much closer to music. In Wow audio lab; we believe audio equipment can do it in same way too. The amplifier we build can reflect our passion of music. We all knows, even the most complexes technical calculation or modeling does not fully correlate with the sonic performance. We build amplifier not only fulfill the technical specification, but most importantly, pass our critical listening test.

During our listening test, we found some component in the circuit alter the sound in dramatic way. So every single piece of component, and the circuit parameter was selected and determined by extensive listening. We aimed to build amplifier that can truly reproduce the timbre of musical instrument.

Design Philosophy

Different electronic component play designated role in the circuit, just like the member in the orchestra. By carefully select component and optimizing circuit parameter, we make the circuit working in synergy. We not focused or emphasized on how big the filtering capacitor was, or how many pairs of output device in the circuit. We believed the sonic magic was how to optimize the circuit parameter, component value and the way we build the amplifier. For example, the filtering capacitor, there was an optimum range for a particular circuit, beyond certain range of value; the sound quality will start to degrade. Also the number of output devices has to carefully determine to get the best result. So we not to unintentionally increase the filter capacitor value, or number of output devices as a marketing strategy to attract people attention.

Also we found the chassis alters the sound dramatically. Finally we found a perfect way to resolve the problem, the monocoque chassis was CNC from a solid block of aircraft graded aluminum alloy, and the circuit PCB & the transformer was totally isolated & allocated in different "room". In this case, all harmful vibration, RFI interference and EMF noise were effectively isolated. Also moisture, dust, oxidation was isolated from outside and make the machine long lasting. You can see all heat generating component was coupled to the chassis, and it was served as a heat reservoir that make the entire component working in a relatively equal temperature among each others.

Our mission

Our goal is to build amplifier in exceptional quality, and the price was reasonable and affordable. We build it in compact size and now it can enter your living room, even into your bedroom. From engineering point of view, build it in compact size were many complexes than in conventional size. It is a big challenge for our engineer to overcome the problem arises from there. We have to utilized all available space in a confined volume, and accommodate all the necessary component, PCB, transformer & connector in an effective way. The construction was carefully designed in order to eliminate interference between different components. Even the size was so compact, the build, components and the material we used was the best, and can meet the demand of most critical audiophile.

Listen to your favorite music is a great pleasure & can inspire people. We hope you enjoy our product, and bring joy & inspiration to your memorable lifetime.