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Making of L1 n M1

Mission Begins

6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum block as raw material of the L1 and M1.

Initially, different subcategory of 6000 series aluminum alloy was evaluated for its tensile strength, density, hardness & processing properties. Eventually 6061-T6 was chosen for its relatively high strength & good workability

CAD design chassis

Designer concept was realized by extensive usage of the CAD. The geometry of cooling fins, layout & form factor of the chassis were modeled to create the best design.

The design optimizes the effect of resonance & damping characteristic of the chassis, which can manifest in term of sound quality.

Precision CNC milled chassis

Chassis was caved & milled from a solid block of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The weight of the chassis was 8kg, which was about 40% of the original aluminum block.

Refine chassis with exquisite handcrafted workmanship

Every single chassis was hand refined and gently polished to produce a sophisticated light scattering reflective surface.

With its rigid and vivid shape, straight and curved facets, as well as different arrays of surface finishing patterns and refine polishing, sure it was ready to transform to a tangible art form that you can feel by skin and touch.

Surface processing

The semi-finish chassis was then go through a cleaning, polishing & anodizing process to achieve a special & perfect finishing. Measurement was made to the chassis to ensure all mechanical parameter was conformed to standard.

Military grade PCB

Audio circuits were implemented on military grade, solder-mask free, gold plated circuit board. Extensive star-grounding was employed for maximum silence.

Selection of premium audio grade component

Components like resistors, capacitors were first measured for its electrical parameter. Extensive listening test was then performed to select the components that best suit the circuit. For example, over 20 types of filtering capacitors were evaluated for the rectification circuitry. Custom matched transistors to suit circuit need.

Ultimate electrical & mechanical isolation

The transformer, which was the noisiest circuit subsystem, was individually isolated into sealed "rooms" for ultimate electrical & mechanical isolation. Other audio circuitries were then allocated in different "rooms" for maximum EMI & RFI shielding.

Handcrafted & fine tuned by qualified technician

Thanks to our technicians, with attention to detail, precision and accuracy, all the above technology and artistry were implemented into a single piece of creation.

Good life is found in the richness of joy, power and inspiration. Listen to your favorite music is a way to achieve this. We hope this creation would embrace you closer to music and accompany your up and down lifetime, wOw, "fi-hi" your up n down, sincerely.