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awarded Best room based on sound at Poland national audio show by high fidelity, l1 and M1 are within it.

Review by High Fidelity Editor Wojciech Pacula

L1 & M1
"It emphasizes rich, dense sounds, takes smoothness to the next level, and enriches what is already rich. Since the tonal balanced is set quite low amplifier offers a lot of high quality bass, which makes music sound more serious, fuller.
This amplifier is capable of delivering a good performance from almost any recording
L1 drive any headphones loading with warm sound and hefy bass
The headphone amplifier in L1 should easily drive any model of headphones including the most difficult ones to drive I know – the HiFiMAN HE-6. These, if not properly driven, sound bright and harsh. L1 itself offers warm sound with hefty bass and has no problem with driving this load. It resulted in a creamy, deep sound.
L1 with HD800
L1 offered also a fantastic sound when partnered with Sennheiser HD800. The main difference between this device and Bakoon HPA-21 is a closer, richer and warmer sound of the former."